Hi, I'm Pine. ~I work on Visual Studio Code at Microsoft.~

I have left Microsoft. Now I'm living a nomadic life, doing independent study/research, reading a lot, learning about coffee-making, building projects for fun and learning languages (Racket and French).

I aim to become an Information Architect. In the literary level, I work to organize and present information at the right place & time. In a figurative sense, I try to approach programming with empathy and ethics, despite programming itself being a very technical endeavor.

I'm also part of the Vue.js team and I build Vetur, a Language Server that enhances the Vue editing experience.

Some projects that I work on:

  • Polacode: Polaroid for your code.
  • Shiki: A better source code highlighter.

I have setup a GitHub Sponsorship to keep my Open Source work sustainable. My current focus is Vetur, but my overarching goal is to devise tool/language/media that bring out expression otherwise unexpressible.

You can find me on GitHub and Twitter.

Say hi to me at octref@gmail.com.